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My Path To Success?

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Personally, I like my Koolaid with a hint of lemon, slightly sweetened with large cubes of ice and a shot of rum.

Picture a hot sunny day. I’d been walking for a while and reached my destination; tired, hot and looking forward to a refreshing cold drink. My wish was granted, I was presented with a picture-perfect looking drink; a frosty glass filled with a substance that looked like strawberry Koolaid, complete with mint leaf and ice cubes.

With anticipation I raised the glass to my lips to quench my thirst. One swig from the glass shocked my taste buds and sent them into retreat. The syrupy, sour drink assaulted my mouth. I smiled and pretended that it was delicious; desperately waiting for an opportunity to dilute the substance to make it palatable.

Later as I reflected on the incident, it reminded me of times when I followed the beckoning of outside voices that enticed me to follow another’s path without first testing if was compatible with my purpose. I did not check if my new pursuit would:

· Align the interest of my heart

· Support authentic self expressions

· Inspire and propel me to become better

· Allow me to serve in a manner that supports my talents and skills

· Fuel creativity to produce new and different outcomes

· Incite the joy and thrill of being me

· Challenge my intellect to grow to find new ways of doing things

The attractive drink looked great, but it wasn’t palatable to my taste buds. Similarly, there are many great careers and business ideas that have resulted in fame and fortune for others and have supported their unique gifts and skills. However, I must remember that my skills are not their skills and that the route to my success, wealth and self-fulfillment will be unique to me and support a one-of-a-kind journey.

Do you know the attributes that make you unique? We all bring unique gifts to the world. When we take the time to listen to our inner voice, we will find the way. Start your journey with a purchase of - Your Thoughts Are Powerful - a powerful guide on how to use positive thoughts to release chemicals that create a feeling of happiness, that helps your brain to generate ideas that support and help to guide your success.

Whose Koolaid are you drinking, yours or one that was made for someone else?

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