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Stephan Stewart
Author, Motivation Speaker, Learning Consultant

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I started my teaching journey in grade one.  It was reading time and the teacher divided the class in two and asked me to help the other students learn to read the passage.

It has been some time since grade one, but I am just as eager about helping individuals learn - Your Thoughts Are Powerful.  Now I encourage people to use the power of their mind - positive thinking - to live their best life - check out my YouTube video:  Foster Positive Thoughts - being used in two Canadian colleges and a US university.

I have completed a Masters degree in Education and enjoyed teaching students at middle school, high school and college.  I also loved managing learning and development projects in the corporate arena.  As I reflect on my journey, I feel gratitude at the opportunities I've had to share my life with so many incredible people.

Since 2020; the refocusing of my company, I have:

  • Completed YouTube video - Foster Positive Thoughts - which has been used in two Canadian colleges and an American university.

  • Conducted workshop - Resilience Training  - for Culture Link, a settlement and community organization, with a team of more than 70 staff members.  Forty-four staff enrolled and forty-four staff members concluded the session, eagerly asking questions and requesting additional information.

  • Another successful workshop - Successful Living - conducted for Atomy Canada; a delightful engaging discussion that encouraged and motivated members to use their most powerful tool, their mind, to achieve greatness.

  • Appeared as guest on several podcasts to discuss topics on healthy living, growth mindset and positive thinking.

  • Accepted the invitation as Guest Speaker, to Oshawa/Whitby Chapter, Congress of Black Women of Canada.  In her own word, Angela, the Chapter's president, said "we all agree that you were an excellent choice, and we appreciate your words of wisdom".

  • Provided resilience training to IT Professionals at Foundations in IT.

Volunteer Activities

  • Project Manager - Single Women in Motherhood Training Program - Helped to organize talent show and worked with Executive Director to streamline processes and process to enhance project outcomes.

  • Team Manager - World Partnership Walk - Oversaw projects to bring key stakeholders and relevant champions together.

  • Program Committee Member - Toronto District and Toronto Catholic District School Boards - Developed project plan for the Equity in Education Conference.

  • Board Member - Assaulted Women Hotline - Assisted board with human resources functions.

  • Literacy Program Coordinator - Yorkwoods Library - Developed and delivered engaging and interactive literacy programs.

  • Learning Facilitator - Northview Heights Saturday School - developed and delivered education programs for at risk students.

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