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Quires - pronounced (choirs) is derived from the Latin word “quaterni”, a term used in Medieval printing meaning four sheets of pages folded once.

At Quires we help to navigate journeys to reflect successful stories. 

Our project management services, education, and empowerment tools when used will tell stores of better results. 

Fountain pen

Transformation for Better Results

When you need to plan, coordinate, and manage resources to

facilitate change, innovation, and growth.

  • Since 2020 --> Provided solutions to large, complex training projects; authored eBook, and webinars; delivered workshops and facilitated discussions group that encouraged individuals to achieve success, not just at work but also in their daily lives.

  • 2010 - 2020  --> Managed and coordinated multiple projects in various sectors - government, retail, pharmaceutical, defence, finance and information technology that improved employee performance and drove business growth.

  • Before 2010. --> Provided academic mentoring and training to high school and college students; engaged in community projects as advocate, board member and organizer and led end-to-end planning and execution of learning projects.

Project Management

  • Canadian Nuclear. Laboratories

  • Ont. Occupational Health & Safety Consultant Corp

  • Queen's College

Community Projects:

  • Election Campaign

  • Youth Projects

Empowerment Projects:

  • Loving All of Me

  • I Am Enough

  • Gratitude Is Posh

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