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10 Helpful Tips For Achieving Success

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Positive thinking and empowerment tools - Your Thoughts Are Powerful - help you to start your success journey by growing your mind with positive thoughts. Invest in your future.

Our thoughts are really imaginations. They are the things we create on a daily basis. These thoughts are forever shaping the pictures we see in our mind, and sooner or later we meet our creations in our outer world. What kind of images are you creating?


1. I choose thoughts that energize me to develop and express my gifts.

2. I listen and hear from within the direction I should take to achieve my purpose.

3. My thoughts align the perfect plan for my self expression.

4. I create positive neural pathways that empowers my mind to realize my daily purpose.

5. The perfect design for my life open doors for me to go through to allow perfect manifestation of my talents and abilities.


6. I am inspired and productive and I serve others willingly and gladly.

7. Divine harmony reigns supreme within and around me and within and around every person at my workplace.


8. I am open and receptive to all the good and abundance in the universe and I am grateful.

9. All my needs are wonderfully supplied as I acknowledge the continual flow of abundance that comes to me as wonderful surprises.

10. I release all resistance to the flow of good to me and accept the very best right now.

Learn how to stop obsessive thinking and achieve your success. The "Stop Obsessive Thinking" section of my book - Your Thoughts Are Powerful - provides daily activities that guide you through the process.

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