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Love Yourself - The Key to Attracting the Best

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

It was a lovely sunny day and as I worked outdoors, I thought about the life I deserved. The birds were chirping and there was a light breeze, just enough to make the temperature perfect.

Amongst the chirping, I heard a throaty gurgling sound. I listened more keenly and heard it again. I looked around to detect its source and saw a male bird with feathers fluffed up, circling round and round a female bird, trying to get her attention. The female bird paid him no attention and continued to peck the pavement for food. The male bird continued his mating dance and she continued to ignore and eventually flew off.

I reflected on the chance encounter I had witnessed and was reminded of the words of Gregory Huskisson that we women should be chased and pursued, and that we should not be afraid to walk away from anyone that does not:

- Come with unconditional trust, respect and love

- Attend to, revere, cherish and exalt you

- Work to improve communication so that you are not guessing their intentions

- Seek to be patient with your ways and gentle with your heart

- Listen to you, embrace you and love you enough

- Be willing to provide for you financially

Do you love yourself enough to know your worth and need? You are precious and should accept only the best.

Are you ready to invest in yourself? When you know who you are you will attract the best. What we think is what we become. Learn to use your thoughts to change your life; purchase your copy of - Your Thoughts Are Powerful - and attract only the best.

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