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Self Love

I became fully awake and the thoughts that tied me to a fake self were loosened.

I arose and shook myself and realized that I was free

Free to start life anew

It was not always this way,

You see, I was a product of public opinion and human authority

Taught to follow and never to question

Taught to fear and mistrust the unknown

Taught to believe that the voice of many outweights the voice of one

Taught to appoint size as king and to give title a throne

In the darkness I sat, alone and afraid

Until I was beckoned from a tiny voice within

At first I was startled, thinking I must be mistaken, but its unwavering voice; such peace and calm admist the range and storm, convinced me that it was real, and I should not be shaken

That first glimpse and I was smitten

I wanted more of this and daily made time to ponder and listen

My doubts became few and the way I should go, came into view

Trust the process and believe I am enough

Enough to solve each challenge

Enough to bring my unique flavour to the world

Enough to continually forge a journey of love

Surprising the journey; mistakes not a few

But here I stand a child made new

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